Consultation on South American fish


Freshwater Fish

Size of system in gallons


Water Changes

1x week 25-30% water is clean, no gravel

Stocking Density in Inches of Fish

5 denticulata piranha @ 7″ and 4 tiger silver dollars @ 4″

Type(s) of filtration

2 aquaclear 110, one fluval wavemaker

Did you get any new fish? Did you quarantine them?

All my fish came directly from the Amazon River to my tanks in Canada

So, What's Going On?

First of all I went to school with a friend Don G. who is from and lives in Marietta GA!!!

I have kept piranhas for many years. I have a school who had black dots on them from the time I received them. Years before I remember black dots on my old school that I don't remember causing problems. I have had this school for about a year and a half. They are healthy, eating but recently they have been flashing much more than “normal”. I really don't see anything but a few black spots that I thought were kinda always there, if anything the black spots are better. Looks like some raised spots sort of small blisters if you look real close. I've noticed 2 other tanks flashing now too! One tank is exodons, the other some big Pygos. I've salted for 5 days so far at 0.03 still flashing but less ?

Live Plants? Invertebrates?

None of the abov

There are possibilities for those black dots and you’re right, they would be harmless without a snail and a wading bird to finish their lifecycle.

It’s also possible with new fish that you got some thing like a minor, genetic trematode into the collection such as gyrodactylis or dactylogyrus would be my guess.

That’s a harmless theory to test because I will send you a link to a medication and exactly how to use it to clear it up, safely. And if you’re still having the problem in four or five days then we have to think about other possibilities. All the fish you’re talking about have a tendency to be sensitive to certain medication’s.

Getting a dog to take a pill

One of my customers bought this particular gravy, and crushed his dogs pills and put them in this gravy and stirred it up, and the dog licks it right up. Before that, she was impossible to make the pills go down. I thought I would throw this out there as a possibility for people with difficult dogs to pill. 

University of Georgia is Having the Annual Fish Medicine Course Again!

As soon as we got the date, we are posting. It's going to be Saturday and Sunday, January 13th and 14th in 2024. 
Dr Stephen Divers is heading this up and has enlisted Vicki Vaughan, Dr. Erik Johnson, Dr Chad Bishop and hopefully additional, experienced talent from across the country! 
We'll provide even more details as they're available, right now we're narrowing down nearly fifty different subjects and disciplines from Koi to Walleye – from parasites to water reuse. Nutrition and an update on KHV and possibly details on CNGV (Sleeping Sickness Virus) 
Dedicated to the Management & Health of Koi and Other Species
Taught by UGA Faculty, Veterinarians and Industry Recognized Experts
vetmed_fishhealthclass2023 (1).jpeg

Identifying healthy versus sick fish; preventative therapies; common health issues and treatments;
updates on koi herpesvirus; pond technologies and construction; filtration and water reuse technology;
water quality; advances in nutrition; parasites; advanced veterinary topics and more.
For more details….

Allergies and Seasonal Foot Licking in Marietta Dogs

I posted a really good and brief article on Dr that alerts people to Why Their Dog is Sneezing So Much right now. It's a little different from “Atopy” and I explain that. How to use an antihistamine for Allergies from Pollen right now, is also covered as well as a link to my favorite antihistamine, Fexofenedine for sneezing and snorting in dogs this time of year. 
Here's the article: 

Yellow Brick Road Pollen Season is Here.

Greetings all. I'm experimenting with something:

“Keeping it Brief” so here goes:
The pollen is coming down. I took a picture of my parking lot. It's practically yellow.
This pollen, among other allergens, irritates the sinuses and airways of dogs and even cats. You may see “funny breathing” or snorting. And nose clearing 'snicks'. And “gacking” to produce 'nothing but a patch of foam' on your floor especially in the morning.
If the dog isn't sick, I mean, like it's acting normally you can try antihistamines. My favorite is fexofenedine. (That's Allegra)
The best thing to do is take your pet to your vet, of course. There's a fexofenedine dosing chart here:
A thorough “wipe down” with a damp washcloth removes a considerable amount of pollen from a dog or cat without the inconvenience of a “full on” bath. Moving to Colorado where pollen seems to be minimal, or to Gnome Alaska also works.
If there's just a little sneezing, maybe you should let them. They have to clear their sinuses same as you and me.
If there's a lot of sneezing, it's disruptive, the Vet should check 'em out and rule out sinus infection or worse.
Just a side note, “FYI” – my next-favorite medicine for seasonal allergies in dogs is “Temaril P” (which has side-effects and should be used sparingly) but in dogs that need it? It's magical. All vets have access to that medicine. Not all vets want to use it and I'm in no position to tell anybody what to do.
Foot licking is another 'allergy' beast entirely and relates MORE to carbon from I-75 than it does to pollens. I'll save that until the next pet bedtime story.

Disclaimer: I'm a real doctor and I don't just play one on TV. Your vet is the best provider of health care and health care advice for your pet. You'll never see me offering advice on anything that could neglect cardiac failure, cancer, endocrine catastrophe or much more than a sneeze or itch. Save the 'Big Deals” and free advice for your family vet. You can't fix an adrenal tumor with a Youtube Video. I'm just tryna help.

A Wealth of Koi and Pondfish Knowledge Books List

Koi Organisation International (KOI) put together a review of more than 2 dozen books, videos etc. Better still, they had THREE reviewers weighing in. This provided valuable insights from 'different' points of view. All good books and resources. Another “nice value” that's added to Koi Organisation International. 
Here's a link to the reference: 
If the link doesn't work, I'm uploading the list as a PDF and let me know. 
Doc Johnson

Histiocytoma Histocytoma this ain’t no harmless lump

Histiocytoma is a common skin tumor in dogs, especially boxers, and their mixes. But they can happen in any dog. They are some of the least threatening lumps, but they do have the potential to be very serious. They come up rather quickly, and they are itchy, and they gain the attention of the dog. They have a tendency to look quite a bit like a strawberry on the skin, and the dog eventually licks the top of it off.
The lump in the picture, is a classic example of histiocytoma. I took a picture, because nothing looks more like a histiocytoma than this.
 You can limit access and stop them from licking these lesions and apply a Cortizone cream like 1% Cortizone 10, once or twice a day for a week before surgery. Just in case it decides to remit and go away with that. Less than one out of 10 will go away on their own, in my clinical experience, but it is worth a try.
 If left alone, they can consume too much space for easy removal, additionally, it has been shown that sometimes they spread to other organs, if left alone too long.  

How Dogs End Up Overweight

“Hey Doc, ever heard of this stuff?”

“Yes, why do you need that?”

“My wife bought it thinking it will stimulate my dog’s appetite.”

“There’s nothing wrong with her appetite. She stopped growing, so she eats only 25% of the calories that she needed three months ago.
We can do an experiment. Check out this link.

You will find that her body condition score is a four
Or even a BCS4 plus
I have not seen her recently, but I know this to be true, because if she was at all underweight, she would eat very very well.
In other words she’s as heavy as she needs to get. And their appetite falls off dramatically.
They will only eat for taste and NOT need at that point, and get fat. If the food isn’t dressed with gravy, they won’t eat much of it because they don’t need it.

The following will never happen with you, but it has happened before:

Eventually, they get so fat, their body goes into Leptin-emergency mode, and then they’ll only eat if you put whip cream, syrup, skittles, and bacon on their food.

She’s a body condition score 4, maybe even a 4+. I haven’t even seen her, and I *know* this because if she was even one pound underweight, she would inhale plain dry food.”

====Text #2====

This dog, literally will not eat anything unless it tastes amazing. I’m talking, stroganoff or ice cream. And the owner defends its weight by saying “it hardly eats anything“

And of course it doesn’t. How many calories does that thing NEED? Zero… Zero cal for probably the next two weeks. And if it got beef stroganoff, and garlic bread for dinner today, why on earth would it eat a dry dog food tomorrow?
Nope. That ^ dog is doomed.

He asked: “How can I get his weight down if it won’t a diet food?”

Answer: “By feeding the diet food. And watch as he doesn’t eat again until it actually NEEDS to. Which could be a week.”

“No doc, you got it wrong. He is *starving* to death. Not for DRY food, no, that’ll sit for days….but yes for potato chips and bacon. He won’t leave me alone if I have those things. He’s surely starving to death.”

“He’s not. He’s literally addicted to salt, fat, and sugar. There were studies they were done in a darker time of human history (1945) where they found out that the dog could live for 30 to 45 days without eating a bite. It’s actually unharmed going without food for 30 days. But between day 30, and day 45 it consumes organs, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and brain fat.”

“She has been getting 2/3 cup am and pm and 1/3 cup at noon. Change that?”

If you feed her 2/3 of a cup in the morning and 1/3 of a cup in the afternoon, that’s a cup a day.
That’s enough for a 30 pound dog unless she’s getting a shi_ ton of treats.
I am guessing that she gets kind of a lot of treats, and that her weight is actually very good. And that the one cup of food total per day is plenty, leaving her appetite for the dry-food-served-dry, just about right.
You may have hit the golden note of weight maintenance!
Don’t jack it up by “getting her to eat.”
It sounds like she’s doing well. Do you wanna send me a picture of her waist line as she standing. I’ll bet it tapers nicely.