Avoid Profithost.com Life Time Hosting Scam Review

I bought Profithost lifetime hosting with high hopes and immediately the site went down. Reaching out to the support staff I was informed the outage was temporary and that demand had rapidly outstripped the servers and they were migrating.

Over a week later the server FINALLY comes back up, with crippling defects on the server side. SSL's not working, outaages and 'database not found' errors as well as simple 'server not found' errors were common.

I tried to be patient. I put nothing of importance on the server.

Finally the server goes down and isn't online in any iteration. And the posts are already cropping up that they've shut down and left with their subscribers money.

Avoid Profithost. The only ones to Profit are JVZoo and the developers of the scam.

Lifetime hosting isn't a good deal, ever.

Dr Erik Johnson