How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Badlands Ranch Beef & Salmon diet. 

That diet is interesting because it’s not the usual low-carb spread, it’s 30% protein and over 20% carbs. It’s fine as long as feeding that achieves a Body Condition Score of (BCS) BCS = 4-minus 

What’s a BCS 4 Minus? 


Since that particular diet is 440c/cup and Charley is 10 pounds, you would feed 1/4 cup twice a day. And even that might be a LITTLE too much so if she got a bit rotund (BCS 4 plus) you’d cut back to 3 tbsp twice a day. 

I made a list of the BEST diets you could buy face-to-face in Marietta. Several from Hollywood Feed, some from Petco, and one from Costco. The one from Costco is JUST as good as the other six.

^^^These diets are held out as “good for skin and allergies” but in fact they are just top notch diets being free of chicken, free of grains, and they’re based on Salmon. 

Then if you wanted to actually cook for your dog, the easiest and best home cooked diet is the Salmon, Whey and Sweet Potato diet. There are two versions, one is “regular Carb” and the other is “Low Carb” and both are here:

^^^ The page contains the diet RECIPES and also, the breakout sheet of all the nutrients and their percentages and actually how much to feed. 

Do Dogs Suffer From “Reactive Attachment Disorder?”

Good morning. Hope you are doing great.   Theres a question that has been in my mind the last couple of weeks and you are the right person to ask about it:

Q: Does dogs/cats feel the same we do?  

A: They feel fear, anxiety, happiness, love, even hate. They do not seem to manifest the “seven deadly sins” that mankind does. They TEND not to engage any of the Holy Commandments either. They’re just not greedy, lustful, conniving, gluttonous, deceitful, etc. They’re pretty ‘straightup’ guys. 

Q: If an animal is born at a shelter, and goes through 3 different fosters before finding the forever home, is that animal emotionally affected by this? 

A: Yes they can be. Dogs and cats need consistency and they need a pack. It’s QUITE ALRIGHT if a consistent, sweet pack exists for the dog or cat throughout it’s youth –  from different people. 

So, a dog or cat would be “fine” if it went through three stable, consistent, non-chaotic foster homes. 

However that’s not how it happens. 

A dog or kitten that has been through several foster homes OFTEN did it this way: 

  1. Forever home
  2. Didn’t work out, back to kennel
  3. New foster home. 
  4. Couldn’t be fostered anymore went back to kennel 
  5. Another forever home
  6. Didn’t work out, went to another forever home. 

And the DIFFERENCE is that the dogs are taken from a “livingroom sofa home” and put in an aggregate location kennel and THEN put back in a “livingroom sofa home” again. Chaos. 

There is no stability and it’s punctuated by being put back into a crowded place with a bunch of other dogs between stops. 

So it doesn’t have to be the same, actual  people. But that’s NICE. 

But it does have to be about the same “structure and pace” and pack size. 

The dogs would experience a LOT less damage if they could go from a “home to home” instead of back into a structureless chaotic kennel / dog runs situation between accommodations. 


Dogs have “Reactive Attachment Disorder” from being neglected while young. So a dog or cat that doesn’t have human attention for the first 3-4 months of life –  MAY NOT NEED IT by they time they get it. And they might not know how to act. And they might even be sociopaths and willing to bite people because they’re not socialized, nor beholden. 

People aren’t a “thing” in the life of some neglected dogs. They’re fearful, heartless and non-dependent. 

Q: How is that different from being in different homes forever?  Wouldn't the animal assume that's how life is and not feel emotionally hurt? 

A: GREAT question. When a dog goes from MY HOME to YOUR HOME –  it’s not emotionally hurt. It doesn’t subjectify “Why didn’t my first owner want me?”  

It wonders where “that guy” went. And why it lives in a new home. But, because dogs are QUICKLY “in the moment” and eternally optimistic and positive: Well-adjusted dogs quickly settle in with the new, supportive and calm “pack” they’ve fallen in with. 

Normal dogs love people. Wherever they find them. 

Neurotic neglected dogs (especially practically all members of certain breeds like the Five German Attack Breeds) may never trust or “need” a human and could remain a “skittish liability” for their entire lives. 

Never should a person adopt a dog that’s “Just skittish” because you deserve a dog that loves you, accepts your support and kindness, and views people as trustworthy, worthwhile company.  Not seeing people as a source of terror. Let someone else with lots more time, patience and better insurance for dog bites rehabilitate a neurotic, neglected or inbred psychotic dog. 

“Get the dog at the FRONT of the cage. Not the back of the cage.” 

Inbreeding Doodles for a Pure Line: BAD IDEA

WhatDidYouDoodle? (The End of A Valuable Mutt?)

If you, or someone you love, ever thought about buying a “Doodle” you should read and understand THIS!

Background: Once upon a time, a person crossed a poodle with a Labrador. They got a “Labradoodle”. And it was amazing because it was a sweet, healthy HYBRID of the two parents. Which combined low shedding, high durability, keen intelligence, or a decent size without being a large breed,

And they were cute, and they looked good. And they did not shed.

Then, they bred a poodle with a golden retriever. And got a “Goldendoodle”. It was also amazing.

Since then, they breed poodles with any breed out there. And it becomes a “InsertBreedaDoodle”. And to be honest, they’re pretty cool. And they don’t shed. And they're hybrids.

This is where the story gets really upsetting.

Read the whole story at:

The Perfect Gift of a Hand Crafted Writing Pen

The Perfect Gift

Need to buy a gift for someone who has a lot of nice things and you can't figure out what to get them, but you want it to be “nice” but not break the bank?

Jack's Hand Made Flawless Gift Pens

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Why Franchise / Corporate Veterinary Medicine Is a Cause for Concern With Customers

I found a very well written document that impartially describes how Veterinary Medicine is being consolidated under corporate roofs.
And the article is at and is followed by three additional references which describe the results of polls on the subject, a document on HOW corporatization occurs and summarizes the impacts, and more.
The briefest of summaries basically arrives at the idea that before1960 when Justice Tilzher voted 'yay' in the issue of corporations owning and controlling veterinary practices instead of the doctors – the author arrives at the conclusion that in these practices, veterinary judgment will be on an even fitting with profit motives. And that's AT BEST and did not consider the impact that the newer 'commission-based' pay structures have.
If you still have a chance to visit a private practice WITH A GOOD COMMUNITY REPUTATION –  I encourage you to do so. Having to use a franchise will happen soon enough – whether you prefer it or not. It's inevitable.

We Should Get Socialists to Commit Future Earnings

It would be amazing if, while living in the basement and skating by on peanut butter and jelly – we got the 'generous' and 'free-for-all' liberal think-tank socialists to commit part of their future income to all the various social and global 'causes' they think the US Government Taxpayer should be paying for.
Free college, free healthcare, free whatever.
And watch in amusement as they sign their various 'manifestos' with fingerless knitted gloves reeking of clove oil…..and never think about the ramifications….like they do now.
But then come back later when they've made it. Whether they're just working in a Home Depot, or they founded something like Instagram 
And exercise their own manifesto on them.
My favorite to see, would be watching someone fabulously wealthy – taken down and parted-out and left penniless the way 'rich people hogging all the money' supposedly deserve.
And if these Starbuck's aficionados were non-specific, just put them in a pool of young liberals who actually DO contribute their tax dollars (and LOTS of them) to paying for nonworking people's college, health care and living expenses.) Sort of a Liberal Fund. With “benefactors of yesteryear” who signed manifestos suggesting that everyone should work to pay for others who worked less, and created fewer opportunities for themselves. 

How Exactly They Can Create Cancer in Two or Three Weeks

This is not secret, it’s public knowledge that there are chemical compounds that they can give to rats and some other animals to give them cancer in mere weeks. They (Conspirators on US soil, or even Chinese, Indian or Russian generic drug manufacturers) could also put this in the medication’s received by specific groups of people that they wanted to have cancer in mere weeks. Major drains on Medicaid, Medicare, even meds provided to specific cohorts of people on specific medications taking public support. Interesting. I wonder how those are regulated.

Pilling (Administering Pills) to the Impossible Dog or Cat

How to get a pill into a dog that's not eating or a cat that just won't eat the pill 'in a treat'.
Giving a pet a pill that doesn't wanna take a pill.
Crush the pill and mix it in a secret sauce and tip their head up.
put the medicine in their cheekpouch.
Keep their head UP!!!
Illustrated article on about how to give a dog or cat a pill – pilling a dog or cat with the secret advantage of fluid-dynamics hahahaha
Hope you like it.

German Shepherd’s chronic diarrhea

German Shepherd's chronic diarrhea can come from:

  • Indulgent treats (GSD are the worst for GI upset from 'excess')
  • Overrich foods (Keep it simple and moderate-to-low calorie food)
  • Access to cat food (Even next door on their porch)
  • #COMMON# Hyperacidity Syndrome
  • #COMMON# Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome

These go “hand-in-hand” in that the GSD produces excess stomach acid – lots of the time. This can cause stomach-upset but also:
The hyperacidity can overwhelm the small intestine and 'burn it' which then grows bacteria – in the intestinal wall – lining. This is “Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome” consequent to Hyperacidity Syndrome.
Things you can do: Discourage overeating. Read more in the main article at